Herb Koplowitz

Vice-President, Organizational Design

Herb Koplowitz has been Vice-President, Organizational Design at Forrest & Company since 1995. His work focuses on Requisite Organization (RO), and through this science-based management concept he helps clients in three areas: developing the structure needed by their strategy; ensuring that roles are filled with people who can handle the work; and training managers. The people he works with value his abilities to clarify muddy situations, bring clear definition to ambiguous terms, find simplicity on the other side of complexity and reframe how they think about issues.  Herb is considered one of the foremost thinkers on and practitioners of the work of Elliott Jaques, the originator of RO theory.

Before his association with Forrest, Herb worked in a number of fields including teaching, addictions prevention and treatment, and marketing research. Herb has consulted in a variety of sectors and with many cultures, having undertaken projects across North America, Jamaica, Argentina, South Africa, Ghana, Russia, India and Nepal.

At Forrest, Herb has assisted multi-national and global businesses in diverse industries make use of the methods and templates offered by RO. He coaches human resources professionals in the use of the model and has developed training materials and built methodologies to help organizations move towards a more effective, efficient and trust building design.

Herb holds a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Cornell University, a PhD in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and was a registered psychologist in the province of Ontario. He is a founding and active member of The Global Organization Design Society, and actively contributes to the development of Requisite Organization practices around the world.

Herb is fascinated by language, the theory of knowledge, and the history and philosophy of science.Forrest products and services expertise:


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