Jim Montagnes

Director, Coaching & Facilitation

Jim Montagnes joined Forrest in the fall of 2008 as Director, Coaching & Facilitation, with a wealth of experience as an independent trainer, consultant and counsellor in the fields of social services and business.

Jim has worked extensively in the United States and Canada, as well as having done training in Ireland and New Zealand. Prior to pursuing his consulting career, he held senior management positions in the Ontario health system and with a Toronto-based social services organization.

Jim’s expertise lies in assisting people to focus on and achieve their goals by examining and implementing ways to change their present behaviours and direction. He has spent many years working one-on-one, guiding people in self-evaluation and the exploration of options. His varied experience with clients has given him a unique ability to relate to many different types of situations. One of his strongest assets is his skill at respectfully confronting the client’s problems and concerns in order to help successfully resolve them. He teaches a philosophy of internal control, and helps others to integrate this approach into their business and personal lives.

Jim has a BA in Psychology, is a senior faculty member of the William Glasser Institute in California, and is the author of the book Stop Spinning Your Wheels. He is also the author of the Needs Profile measurement tool. Jim sits on the board of the Emily Murphy Centre, a second-stage women’s shelter in Stratford, Ontario.

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