Karen Calder

Director, Talent Development
(416) 993-7279

Karen is Forrest’s Director, Talent Development. She is a talent and organizational development consultant, facilitator and leadership coach with over 25 years experience. A former executive at Meridian Credit Union and Walmart Canada, Karen is an influential leader who specializes in leadership development, creating innovative HR/OD strategies and practices, talent management and architecting and leading complex change projects for Fortune 500 Companies.

As an expert in learning, performance and change, Karen has successfully worked with companies and individuals in a broad range of fields, including retail, banking and financial services, manufacturing, and consulting.

Karen demonstrates a real passion and dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. She recently acquired her certification in Neuro-linguistics Programming and Effective Intelligence; and is working towards her Executive Coaching accreditation in the field of ‘Performance and Neuroscience’.

Karen holds a Master of Continuous Education, Leadership and Change from the University of Calgary, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, and a certificate in Human Resources Management.

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