Karl Hagglund

Director, Coaching & Facilitation

Karl Hagglund, Director of Coaching for Forrest since 2012, has extensive experience in performance assessments, restructuring, executive coaching and team building. Using renowned assessment tools as an integral part of his work, Karl provides clients with extremely accurate information and insight into the impact their style and personal characteristics will have on their ability to perform under various circumstances and to establish superior performance.

As an executive coach and business advisor, Karl has a reputation for being able to clarify through dialogue various possible paths and he is uniquely skilled and capable in providing pragmatic and useable advice.

Karl has held positions ranging from VP of Sales and Marketing to senior financial roles, and has been instrumental in aiding rapid financial turnarounds and strategically re-engineering organizations to better compete in an increasingly global forum. Karl's depth of experience blended with his warm, candid style make him extremely effective in helping his clients make changes that will enhance their performance.

Karl is the author of four business books that summarize proven and common-sense techniques and tips for improved communication, leadership and team building. His most recent publication is The Magnificent Seven Communication Techniques for Business Professionals.

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