Deborah Jann

Director, Coaching & Facilitation

Deborah Jann brings 20 years of industry experience and knowledge to her position as Director, Coaching & Facilitation, focusing on assessment, coaching, leadership development programs and group facilitation. She draws on design thinking principles and a consultative approach to help organizations across sectors maximize talent, leverage diversity and inclusion, and drive innovation.

Deborah works collaboratively with her clients to address their unique challenges. Her intellectual curiosity, energetic style, and breadth of international experience allow her to create elegant solutions to complex and sometimes seemingly unsolvable problems. The Creative Education Foundation recognizes Deborah as an experienced facilitator of Creative Problem Solving, innovation and team building.        

She is also an accomplished speaker, and has presented at the national conferences of Retail Council of Canada, The North West Company, Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), The Conference Board of Canada’s Workforce One-Stop 2013, Women in Leadership and Business, and an International webinar for Virtual Conference. She has facilitated events at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, Mindcamp, the Municipal Innovators Community Conference and The Institute for Performance and Learning.

Deborah is an active volunteer with the Women’s Executive Network and the Strategic Capability Network. She is also currently part of a national dialogue on Building a Creative and Entrepreneurial Canada, an initiative that will support a national strategy which recognizes and elevates the role of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in building Canada’s cultural, economic and social prosperity.

Deborah holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Western University, and is certified to conduct a variety of psychometric assessments. In her spare time she enjoys golf, tennis, movies and going on trend safaris with her two children. 

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