Nanette Cuddy

Director, Coaching & Facilitation

Nanette Cuddy has been Director, Coaching & Facilitation with Forrest & Company since 2008.  She is an experienced business leader with 25 years of experience from which she is a seasoned and effective results-oriented team player with excellent communication and relationship skills who uses these skills to effectively motivate and develop talent.  Nanette is guided by her passion that all people are creative, resourceful and whole, and reinforces this belief in every affiliation. 

Nanette’s background includes team building, organizational leadership and effectiveness, strategic and business planning, as well as sales and marketing, enabling her to act as a balanced and trusted resource for C-suite executives. 

As Vice-President of a major IT firm, Nanette led sales, marketing and business operations in highly complex and demanding organizations in the information technology and transportation sectors. She has experience in Organizational Effectiveness, Career Management, Leadership Skills and Development, Executive Coaching and Organizational Change in private, public and in non-profit sectors.

Her current involvement with Forrest clients includes executive coaching as well as consulting. In addition to assisting individuals achieve specific results, she is part of the Forrest collaborative team that is working with a multi-level energy transmission and distribution company in driving a new organizational design structure. Nanette is a main facilitator of Forrest’s Core Leadership Practices program to all levels of management in a large hydro utility company.  

Nanette holds a BA in Psychology and Kinesiology from Queen’s University. In her spare time, Nanette has many interests including golf, tennis, cycling, hiking, and other athletic pursuits. Nanette’s enthusiasm for world travel is far-reaching; several highlights for her include trekking in the Himalayas, African safaris, and walking the Great Wall of China.

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