Nora Griffiths


Nora Griffiths is an Executive-in-Residence at Forrest.

Nora is a business development leader that focuses on driving change and growth within companies and amongst teams. She is not one to shy away from achieving an ambitious goal or overcoming challenges; something Nora has embraced personally as a former member of the Canadian National Rowing team, and professionally through her experience in social entrepreneurship. 

Nora has served in various leadership roles over the past decade with ME to WE, a division of the internationally know social enterprise organization. Nora has overseen everything from sales and marketing to client service and program development for ME to WE’s culturally immersive service-learning programs to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, China, India, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Haiti and previously the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nora holds a B.Comm from McMaster University and M.Ed. in Leadership and Development Studies from University of Victoria, of particular interest is her thesis “Preparing for the Unknown – Exploring the Effects of International Volunteer Onboarding”.When she’s not diving into a new project at work, you’ll find her hitting the open roads for a long bike ride or run; or trying to teach her puppy how to chew on his toys and not her shoes.

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