Rob Quail


Rob Quail is a noted consultant, author, facilitator and lecturer on the subject of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). 

Rob established the Enterprise Risk Management processes, tools and methodologies at Hydro One Networks Inc. that are widely regarded as best-practice.  He has successfully applied ERM methodologies to a broad range of business problems and challenges, including acquisitions, outsourcing, downsizing, large-scale IT projects, labour disruption, regulatory compliance management, major construction project management, strategic planning, and capital investment.  The ERM practices and techniques developed by Rob in collaboration with the management team at Hydro One became the subject of a major “leading practice” case study by Harvard Business School.

Rob also has held key leadership roles in the areas of technology projects and outsourcing.  Rob was appointed Vice President of Customer Service at Hydro One in the wake of a difficult billing system implementation, and during this time he led dramatic improvements in all areas of customer service, including call centre operations, billing, electricity conservation, and collections.

Today Rob provides consulting services in Enterprise Risk Management, business process and technology outsourcing, and customer care to clients in a variety of industry sectors, including energy, healthcare, technology, financial services, and crown agencies.
Rob is a regular lecturer on ERM at York University’s Schulich School of Business and has been a featured lecturer at Harvard Business School, Ryerson University, and Carleton University.  Rob is also co-editor of a major Wiley textbook on Enterprise Risk Management, due for publication in the first half of 2021.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.

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