Vince Savoia

Director, Coaching & Mental Health Advocacy

Vince Savoia is a transformational leader who has significantly impacted the trajectory of the mental health conversation in Canada. He approaches every challenge by following his motto, “Be inspired to change yourself, and then change the world.”

As a former paramedic and a PTSD survivor, Vince is no stranger to crisis and trauma. Instead of letting various traumatic experiences define him, Vince has made it his life’s mission to learn how to deal with trauma in healthy ways, develop resiliency, and positively impact mental health conversations.

As part of Vince’s dedication to reducing the stigma around mental health conversations, he founded the Tema Conter Memorial Trust. This organization was instrumental in providing advocacy, education, training, and peer and psychological support to Canada's public safety personnel.

Vince has over 37  years of experience in education, financial services, mental health, not-for-profit, and public safety sectors. He is a gifted and articulate communicator that always gets rave reviews from peers.

Mr. Steve Urszenyi, EMAT Program Manager at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, can’t recommend Vince enough. He says, “Vince has directly contributed to the development and implementation of programs and legislation to support and assist individuals working in the emergency response and military communities who have been stricken by work-related mental injuries.”

Dr. Brian Goldman, Canada’s Premier Radio Medical Host, offers similar accolades when he says, “Vince has put the issue of PTSD and stress among paramedics and other rescue workers on the front burner. His leadership is creative and inclusive. He has a knack for persuading the most high-profile people to join the cause. He knows how to draw earned media coverage. A winner in all ways.”

With a strong moral compass and with a very pragmatic approach to changing the world, Vince has been recognized for his accomplishments by the Governor-General of Canada, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

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