Science-based Foundations

Our real-world experience and our focus on practical solutions led us to two science-based business development systems that paralleled, reinforced and integrated our approach to leadership and organizational development: Requisite Organization with its emphasis on accountability, and Effective Intelligenceā„¢ which facilitates effective thinking.

Requisite Organization

Requisite organization (RO) is an organizational model that provides an integrated, system-wide approach to organizational effectiveness. Originally developed by the Canadian organizational psychologist, Elliott Jaques, the model demonstrates that the most likely barrier to effectiveness is poor organizational structure, not poor employees. The model shows that improvements to organizational systems such as work levelling, role clarity, role relationships and managerial practices can provide the opportunity for employees to reach their full potential. RO is a continuously improving model; for over 60 years academics and practitioners have contributed to a growing body of knowledge on the real-world application of the model.

Effective Intelligence

Effective Intelligence is the work originated by the Dutch electronics giant Philips and British consultant Jerry Rhodes that revealed the mechanics of thinking in a business context. They discovered the 21 fundamental thinking operations which make an alphabet for thought that can be mapped against all business tasks. Since his joint research with Philips (1979-81), Rhodes, working with organizations around the world, has continued to develop applications of this powerful operational tool. Forrest is one of the few North American deliverers licensed by Rhodes to train organizations in Effective Intelligence.

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