Accountability Consulting™


We facilitate strategic thinking to clarify, develop, plan and implement your strategy. Once strategy and implementation are clearly articulated, we provide clarity on organizational levels and roles and how to best populate them.


The source of your strategic competitive advantage is already in your organization, hidden under layers of ambiguity and ineffectiveness.

It is the lack of a clearly developed and articulated strategy, combined with ineffective organizational structure and systems that are the cause of the overwhelming majority of misspent effort, missed deadlines and poor performance. By using integrated, science-based organizational design principles and facilitation systems, Forrest can show you how to cut through the waste, release your employees to work to their fullest potential and inject sustainable energy into your strategic efforts.

Forrest consulting services are truly transformational. By tightening your strategy and bringing absolute clarity to your structure, role relations and systems of work, we will direct the enormous untapped potential in your organization toward outstanding results.


At the heart of our consulting practice is the powerful truth that all managers at all levels of an organization are accountable for the output of their direct reports. Instilling a system of accountability ensures that assigned work is work that is completed, and that managers are empowered to effectively assign tasks and direct reports are empowered to complete the work.

Strategy and Planning

We consult with our clients to clarify organizational strategy to ensure optimum implementation and a seamless continuity between strategy and organizational structure.

Organizational Strategy

  • Develop, clarify and articulate your vision, mission and values
  • Build organizational objectives that support the vision

Planning and Implementation

  • Successfully operationalize the execution of strategy and ensure the most effective implementation

Talent Strategy

  • Ensure that your organization has a sustainable pool of leadership talent
  • Establish mentoring systems focused on managers-once-removed
  • Using a science-based approach to complexity in role, ensure leadership candidates can handle their work in the future

Organizational Structure and Role Accountabilities

To bring the greatest energy to strategy implementation, organizational structure, including levels and role accountabilities, must directly reflect organizational strategy.

Roles and Accountabilities

  • Ensure that every role in the organization contributes to the achievement of strategy
  • Definitively resolve the accountabilities and authorities that are needed to complete the work of each role
  • Ensure that this clarity extends to the network of role relations across teams and functions

Levels of Work

  • Clarify and streamline the organization for powerful execution
  • Based on science-based observations on the nature of work and complexity, ensure the right number of organizational layers
  • Build effective leadership and productivity by ensuring that managers at all levels add value to their direct reports

Match People to Role

  • Fit the right people to the right work in the right roles

Science-based Foundations

For more information on the science behind our success in transforming our clients, please go here.

Ideal Candidates for Accountability Consulting

CEOs and other C-suite executives willing to lead their organizations to extraordinary heights of productivity and the accelerated achievement of their vision.

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