Effective Intelligence Certification

You have experienced the power of Effective Intelligence – the easy-to-use system of tools that improves individual and team results through the better use of thinking. Effective Intelligence (EI™) provides you with profound insight into how your thinking powerfully influences your day-to-day activities; including, how you interact with your colleagues and how you approach your work. More information on EI can be found here.

Forrest is now offering the opportunity to bring the power of Effective Intelligence into your organization.

Enroll in the three-day Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop to learn how to use this powerful, results-oriented, business system yourself. Forrest has master training capability for facilitators, trainers and coaches interested in deploying EI in their organizations and with their clients.

Add another tool to your career toolkit, and provide your organization and your clients with a powerful asset. You will provide insights into improving communications and collaboration, as well as creating solutions for real-world organizational problems such as:

  • A lack of decision making
  • Team conflict
  • A lack of innovation and process improvement
  • Unfocussed planning and implementation
  • Unproductive meetings.

Successfully completing the Certification Workshop qualifies graduates for a Level 1 Effective Intelligence Licence. This enables you to:

  • Conduct and debrief Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profiles™ (TIPs)
  • Facilitate EI-based half-day and one-day, team-building workshops to enhance communication, collaboration and productivity
  • Coach people on the impact of their individual thinking styles
  • Access the private and personalized “Coaching Service” subsection of the EI-dedicated “How You Think” website
  • Qualify for a 25% discount off the market rate for EI materials, including the Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profiles

All graduates of the EI Certification Workshop are automatically licensed for one year.

More information on the Effective Intelligence Workshop can be found here.

More information on Effective Intelligence Licensing can be found here.

Starter Kit

  • Graduates of The Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop are granted 5 free Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profiles so they can immediately launch a TIP and practice their debriefing skills

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