Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop


  • To participate in the Certification Workshop, candidates must have already been introduced to the Effective Intelligence model, and had their Rhodes’ Thinking Intention’s Profile debriefed at all three levels: “3 Driving Forces”, “6 Mind Frames” and “21 Thunks”.


  1. Provide participants with detailed knowledge and understanding of the content and breadth of the Effective Intelligence model, methodology and tools
  2. Practice and gain confidence in debriefing the Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile
  3. Prepare participants to facilitate half-day or full-day Effective Intelligence workshops
  4. Learn how to coach individuals on the impact of their thinking styles

Timing and Venue

  • The Workshop is 3 consecutive days, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm each day
  • Delivery is typically in downtown Toronto. Venue to be determined based on class size

Reference Material Provided

  • Manuals
    • EI Resource Manual
    • Foundation Manual
    • Facilitator’s Manual
    • Supporting reference material and aide memoire cards
  • Online
    • Access to the private and personalized “Coaching Service” subsection of the “How You Think” website
      • EI resources, and online access to all levels of your clients’ profiles with interpretive text

Ideal Participants

  • Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, HR Learning and Development staff
  • Any manager interested in improving results, gaining powerful insights into his/herself and his/her team, and getting people to work together more effectively


Licensed Master Trainer

  • Julian Chapman, President of Forrest, has over three decades of experience leading teams and organizations, from small groups all the way to thousands of employees. Known as a pioneer of thinking in the work place, Julian is one of the world’s very few Master Trainers in Effective Intelligence which he brings to organizations through key note addresses or assisting individuals and teams in solving problems through effective thinking.

Training Support

  • Tony Welsh, Executive Vice-President, Design at Forrest, brings over 30 years of training, design and organizational development experience to Forrest & Company Limited. As Forrest specializes in customized solutions, Tony’s strength is his genius in precisely matching the requirements of a client to the specifics of a program. He is certified in Effective Intelligence.
  • Katherine Pearce is Forrest’s Operations Coordinator. She is accountable to ensure all operational support is provided so that our clients, staff and associates enjoy a well-coordinated, complete experience that conforms to Forrest stringent design standards and exceeds the facilitator’s and client’s expectations. Katherine provides Forrest’s network of certified and licensed Effective Intelligence facilitators and coaches with logistics support.

Tiered Costs

  • The cost for the Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop is tiered, based on the number of candidates attending from the same organization at the same Workshop:
    • For 1 participant $4,000
    • For a second participant $3,000
    • For each additional participant $2,500

Additional Certification

Licencees who have actively demonstrated acuity with the model, may qualify for admission to additional certification workshops and licensing.

EI “We Track” Certification: Licence Level 2: EI Rhodes’ Mapping

  • Rhodes’ Maps provide a step-by-step process on how to efficiently and effectively execute the most critical processes of an organization
  • The Rhodes’ Maps are schematic pictures of the essential thought processes required for a particular type of task. There are ten Effective Intelligence Rhodes’ Maps.
  • Certification leads to licensing to deliver facilitator-led, half- or full-day team process workshops

EI “Learn Track” Certification: Licence Level 3: The Effective Thinking Suite

  • Forrest’s growing suite of half-day instructor-led Effective Thinking Suite workshops build participants’ ability in critical, universal processes used by everyone every day
  • Certification leads to licensing to deliver facilitator-led, half-day skill-building workshops

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