Licensing Terms

Successfully completing the Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop qualifies attendees for a Level 1 Effective Intelligence License.

This enables you to:

  • Conduct and debrief Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profiles
  • Facilitate EI-based workshops
  • Coach people on the impact of their individual thinking styles
  • Access the private and personalized “Coaching Service” subsection of the “How You Think” website
    • EI resources and online access to all levels of your clients’ profiles
  • Qualify for a 25% discount off the market rate for EI materials, including the Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profiles (see “Effective Intelligence Materials”, below)

Individual is Licensed

  • Note that graduates of The Effective Intelligence Certification Workshop are themselves certified, not their organizations
    • I.e., the certification is portable

License Maintenance

  • All graduates of the EI Certification Workshop are automatically licensed for one year
  • In order for your licence to be deemed active, a licensee must order a minimum of 20 TIPs within a 12-month period, based on their date of certification
  • Should your license lapse, recertification will be required
    • A half-day refresher/recertification workshop costs $1,500 (subject to change) per licensee

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