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Be more effective by thinking more effectively.

Forrest Effective Thinking Development™ is based on the thinking model Effective Intelligence™ (EI™). EI is an easy-to-use model that reveals the mechanics of both the thinking preferences of individuals and the thinking requirements of tasks. No other instrument does both.

Knowing the thinking preferences of yourself and your team results in more effective communication, collaboration and idea generation. Your thinking preferences show which of your mental muscles you prefer to use, and those that you overuse and underuse. EI put labels to the mechanics of thinking, allowing you to better understand yourself and those around you, and enabling you to consciously adjust your thinking to what is needed for a particular interaction or task.

Knowing your thinking preferences provides insight into how individuals:

  • Communicate
  • Evaluate
  • Set goals
  • Analyze
  • Brainstorm
  • Inspire
  • Persuade
  • Plan

Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile™ (Rhodes' TIP™)

To discover your thinking preferences, Forrest clients complete the online survey, Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile. The results are tabulated and presented to the client in a 90-minute debrief which is conducted by a certified Forrest Effective Intelligence facilitator.

Image Sample pages from an EI TIP Profiler™

Delivery Format

Most often we use the Rhodes' TIP as part of a larger delivery: a coaching engagement, a team-building workshop, a communications program, or preparing executives for transformational change within their organization; but getting your Rhodes' TIP can be done independently of other work with Forrest.

Ideal Effective Intelligence Participants

  • Teams or individuals who wish to enhance productivity in the workplace.
  • Leaders and managers at all levels, from the C-suite to the front line looking to improve awareness, communications and effectiveness within their teams.

Forrest’s Certified Effective Intelligence Facilitators

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