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Be more effective by thinking more effectively.

Forrest Effective Thinking Development™ is based on the thinking model Effective Intelligence™ (EI™). EI is an easy-to-use model that reveals the mechanics of both the thinking preferences of individuals and the thinking requirements of tasks. No other instrument does both.

Knowing the thinking requirements of a particular task allows you to consciously adjust your own thinking to match that of the task. You complete tasks more efficiently, more effectively and get better results. This process is called “mapping”. Although this process applies to all tasks, research in EI has developed a growing lists of tasks for which maps already exist.

Effective Intelligence™ Rhodes' Mapping™

Effective Intelligence Rhodes' Maps provide a step-by-step process on how to efficiently execute the most critical processes of an organization. The Rhodes' Maps are schematic pictures of the essential thought processes required for a particular type of task. There are ten Effective Intelligence Rhodes' Maps:

  • Selling: "How best do we persuade people?"
  • Strategy: "Where do we need to go?"
  • Decision-making: "How do we arrive at the best decision?"
  • Planning: "How do we determine what needs to be done?"
  • Learning: "What else might be gained?"
  • Creating: "From where do we get new ideas?"
  • Finding causes: "What went wrong?"
  • Gathering information: "Clarifying what is relevant."
  • Innovating: "How do we get from idea to action?"
  • On-boarding: "What is the fastest way to get a new person up-to-speed?"
The EI Rhodes' Map of Maps

Delivery Format

  • The Effective Thinking Suite™: We have developed independent, half-day programming for a growing number of the maps.
  • Gaining a broader understanding of the maps is part of the Enhanced Effective Intelligence two-day workshop.
  • An alternate delivery option is to introduce an EI map to an intact team in order to think through a specific issue or to establish common language around a tactical process.

Ideal Effective Intelligence Participants

  • Teams or individuals who wish to enhance productivity in the workplace.
  • Leaders and managers at all levels, from the C-suite to the front line looking to improve awareness, communications and effectiveness within their teams.

Forrest’s Certified Effective Intelligence Rhodes' Mapping Facilitators

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