The Forrest HRBP Program

The Forrest HRBP Program

Dramatically increase the value your HRBP team delivers to the business. By adopting an experience-based framework of business partnering best practices, develop the behaviours and capabilities of your team, making them powerful internal consultants to the line.

The Forrest HRBP Program, based on our 30+ years of real-world experience working with HR, builds on universally recognized consulting methodologies.

  • Participants learn about service-orientation, and how to better communicate and collaborate with their line partners and stakeholders
  • They learn how to identify and diagnose human capital opportunities and issues, and engage their line manager with options to help them improve their business
  • They improve their financial and business acumen, informing their solutions, and gaining credibility with their partners


The purpose of Forrest’s HR Business Partner Program is to:

  • Introduce a practical, enterprise-wide framework of best practices for identifying human capital opportunities and issues and providing solutions that will add value to the business
  • Align the team toward this framework and, as needed, develop the team’s capability and confidence

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Know and understand the behaviours that are needed for truly effective HR Business Partnering
  • Improve their internal consulting capabilities:
    • Communicating & Collaborating: Be able to use communication, coaching and facilitation skills to effectively work with, and support, line partners
    • Diagnosing & Solving: Know how to consult with their partner to diagnose root causes and prescribe solutions
    • Business Acumen & Awareness: Earn the trust of line partners by demonstrating an understanding of their business model

Delivery Format

Our goal is to provide a tailored development experience specific to your organization

Discovery Phase

  • A front-end context- and level-setting process to identify how the HRBP framework best aligns with your organization
  • Honouring the skills, knowledge and experience of the business partner team, the development component is adjusted to your particular requirements

Development Phase

  • Five days of development workshops with a preferred minimum of two weeks between days

Designers & Facilitators 

Julian Chapman
Karen Calder
Tony Welsh
Lisa Zangari

Ideal Sponsors and Participants

  • HR executives sensing an opportunity to increase the value the HRBP team provides to the business
  • HRBP team leaders seeking to clarify the most effective behaviours and capabilities of their business partners
  • HRBP team members seeking to align and further develop their capability to assist their partners in the line

Development Phase Methodology

  • Instructor led and highly interactive
  • Class instruction, triads, class discussion, pairs discussion, exercises, pre-session work, case studies, role plays
  • Action-learning will be used to explore, plan and practice the skills participants learn
  • Breakdown of learning methods:
    • 25% lecture, demonstration and instruction
    • 40% small group discussion/activity
    • 35% practice and planning for real world application of the learning

Engage Your Clients

We invite you to consider this as an opportunity to involve your HRBP clients and stakeholders in the team development.

Discovery Phase

  • HRBP clients and stakeholders providing input into setting the expectations of business partnering in your organization

Development Phase

  • Real-time participation in the development helps make the learning real
    • HRBP clients in the Panel Discussion (Day 1)
    • Finance staff in the Business Acumen Simulation (Day 5)

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