The Why Series


There are so many good reasons to take your HRBPs to the next level. Here is a growing list of thoughts from Forrest facilitators, designers and staff that participated in the research, development and improvements to our HRBP Development Program.


“Why Think about Thinking?” by Julian Chapman

The forces of VUCA keep us from mindfully directing our thinking. Here’s how we take back control.

“Why Role Clarity?” by Julian Chapman

Clearly articulating “who does what with whom, when” in your HRBP-CoE model helps your line partner and your team. It also saves a lot of heartache.

"Why Organizational Design?" by Tony Welsh

Forrest HRBP - Why Orgnizational Design?

How accountability and authority for work is defined and distributed.

"Why a Shift in Attitude and Motivation?" by Michael Clark

Forrest Why Series - Attitude and Motivation

Go beyond your HRBP skillset and consider how you approach the role.

"Why Business Acumen?" by Tony Welsh

Forrest Why Series - Business Acumen

"You can’t really be my partner unless you understand my business"

"Why Business Partnering" by Julian Chapman

Forrest Why Series - Business Partnering

All those who support the value-creation function of your organization can move beyond being order takers to become true partners to the line.

"Why Communication & Collaboration?" by Julian Chapman

Forrest Why Series - Communications & Collaboration

Having the tools to work together effectively with your line partner is vital for success as an HRBP. Understanding yourself and others amplifies the impact of that ability.

"Why Facilitation Skills?" by Tony Welsh

Forrest Why Series - Facilitation Skills

Facilitation skills enable the HRBP to ensure their line partners and teams are keeping an eye on better ways of doing the work.

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