The Forrest ITBP Development Program

The Forrest ITB Program

Give your team the skills to truly engage with those they support – to become trusted advisors to the business. Learning the best practices of business partnering is the means to connect effectively.

The Forrest ITBP Development Program is based on our 30+ years of real-world experience growing the capability of IT teams to work with those they support.

Participants learn how to go beyond service-orientation, toward being a trusted advisor to the business They learn how to better communicate and collaborate with their partners and stakeholders They understand how to approach solutioning from their partner’s perspective, know how to help their partners articulate their true criteria for success, and to do both in the language of their partner’s business They improve their financial and business acumen, informing their solutions and increasing credibility with their partners.


To develop IT staff capability in business partnering best practices, thereby enabling them to bring maximum value to their organization.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the program, participants will have improved capability in the following:

  • Actively listening to their Partner’s concerns
  • Communicating and collaborating with their Partners
  • Understanding their Partner’s needs and wants
  • Helping Partners to want what they need
  • Understanding their Partner’s business

Business Partnering Diagnostic Phase: Recommended

At your request, we can front-end the delivery of the ITBP program with a diagnostic phase to delve deeply into any systemic barriers to – and opportunities for – successful IT partnering specific to your organization and team.

  • For example, gathering information from the functions that IT supports and from IT executives.
  • From this, we would more narrowly focus our core programming on your specific needs and context, and recommend whatever additional modules would best support your goals.

Delivery Format

Core Programming

  • Five core modules that address universal concerns of IT executives regarding their team’s partnering efforts
  • These core modules are mutually reinforcing and united by developmental threads throughout
  • The programming is designed with many opportunities to address the specific context of your organization and team, including input and in-class participation by those in your organization whom IT supports

Optional Programming

  • We have included several optional modules for your consideration, and to demonstrate the breadth of the solutions available to your team and organization

Designed Programming

  • Forrest has experienced and proven business-partnering design capability
  • an attitude or skills gap is a priority for you, we can design a development solution specific to your needs

Ideal Sponsors and Participants

  • IT executives sensing an opportunity to increase the value the IT team provides to the business
  • IT team leaders seeking to build true partnering skills in their team
  • IT staff at the level of manager, director, or equivalent that want to improve their partnering skills

Development Phase Methodology

  • Instructor led and highly interactive
  • Class instruction, triads, class discussion, pairs discussion, exercises, case studies, role plays, pre-session work, homework
  • Action-learning will be used to explore, plan and practice the skills participants learn
  • Breakdown of learning methods:
    • 25% lecture, demonstration and instruction
    • 40% small group discussion/activity
    • 35% practice and planning for real world application of the learning


  • The Forrest IT Business Partner program is literally “hands on”. We have deliberately minimized the amount of technology to be used in the programming.
  • Over 30 years in human development, including a deep understanding of adult learning, coupled with mounting pedagogical evidence that interpersonal skills development is most effective in an unplugged classroom, has lead us to this methodology.

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