Coaching Leader™

The SAGE™ Coaching Model
The SAGE™ Coaching Model

Achieve greater results by coaching. Stretch and grow your staff, and connect them more deeply to the tasks at hand.

Knowledge and Skills Acquired

  • Discover the vital role of coaching in leadership
  • Learn essential coaching techniques
  • Understand how to conduct the difficult conversations required to improve performance and build commitment


  • Instruction is based on step-by-step building of knowledge and skills over the course of the class, using case studies, exercises, worksheets, and planning opportunities. Some of the programs use video support.
  • Models – Each of the Leadership Suite™ programs features a fully functional behavioural model that summarizes the key elements of the skills taught and facilitates their use.
  • Each program has a small amount of pre-class work that asks participants to bring real-life problems to be solved.
  • Each program includes individual, small group and large group activities.

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