The Leadership Path™ Instruction and Delivery Format

The Instruction


Participants discover their leadership character and how it can be best applied:

  • They become conscious of their style of managing and leading and the impact of that style on those around them, including direct reports, peers and managers.
  • They challenge and reassess their personal and professional vision, contribution and value.
  • Participants practice, hands-on, the skills and principles of effective leadership and communication.
  • Participants examine and plan ways to increase their contribution to the execution of their organization’s strategy.


Awareness of leadership character is then focused by instruction on a universal framework for management:

  • Participants develop skill and confidence in the specific list of best practices that managers must perform to be most effective.
  • Participants learn how to navigate the dynamics of organizational interrelationships (managers, peers, direct reports).

Integration: Managerial Leadership

Leadership ability and management ability are then integrated.

  • Participants develop an understanding of, and confidence with, the specific accountabilities of a managerial leader.
  • They learn to use the tension between leading and managing, to step out from behind checklists and to focus their whole selves on attaining personal and organizational goals.

Delivery Format


  • Instructor-lead and highly interactive
  • Two master instructors/coaches
  • Lecture demonstration, group study and discussion, exercises, video support
  • The context of the learning is the participant’s current workplace
  • Action-learning will be used to explore, plan and practice the skills learned


  • Five one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the program
  • Each participant has a dedicated professional coach


  • Six assessment instruments are used, including two 360° multi-rater assessments

Pre-Session Activity

  • Facilitator interview with the participant’s Manager to set context and identify goals
  • Facilitator call to participants to introduce and describe the TLP process and to set expectations
  • Multi-rater assessments are launched and reports generated for debrief in the workshops


Workshop One: Leadership

  • A five-day offsite retreat focusing on leadership

Workshop Two: Management and Managerial Leadership

  • A three-day offsite retreat integrating leadership and management

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