Why Send Someone to The Leadership Path™

Overcoming Blocks

Q: Are you frustrated that a valued subordinate’s contribution is less than you know it could be?

A: TLP leads participants through an intense self-examination, allowing them to become aware of and overcome personal obstacles to success.

High-Potential Preparation

Q: Do you have a team member that you want to accelerate to the next level?

A: TLP attendees graduate as dramatically improved managerial leaders ready to pass into the senior ranks: they propel their teams toward the achievement of goals while building environments based on communication and trust. Their teams are aligned to strategy, engaged with the work and continually grow in capability.


Q: Do you have a seasoned member of your team that is losing focus?

A: TLP graduates emerge re-energized, reconnected and ready to take on new challenges. They have a new perspective on their work and their lives and how they can more effectively contribute to their team and their organization.

The Gift

Q: How can you extend to valued subordinates a demonstration of your respect, appreciation and faith in them as contributors and as people?

A: TLP is an opportunity to provide a worthy subordinate with a profoundly impactful experience that will not only make them a highly effective contributor to your organization, but also a person that will confidently engage with all aspects of their life in and out of the workplace.

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