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What's Being Said

“Julian’s perspectives on managerial leadership are universal and hit to the heart of what is needed to effectively lead a business in this day and age. Julian never hesitates to speak plainly, engaging the client with what they truly need, not what they believe they want. Any leader looking to strengthen their teams and accelerate results should get to know Julian, read this book, and benefit from his insights.”

~ Jo-Anne Poirier, President & CEO, VON

Image by Daniel Halseth
What's Being Said

“Julian is a thought leader that brings practical tools and simplicity to the complex world of what he's coining Managerial Leadership. Julian brings a fresh perspective to the interplay between the completion of tasks and the importance of inspiring people, both led by clear strategy. Having worked with Julian on a number of occasions, he borrows off his many past experiences, but recognizes each situation brings with it the opportunity for improvement and learning.”

~ Michael Read, President, Church & Dwight

Image by Daniel Halseth
What's Being Said

“I was very fortunate to cross paths and work closely with Julian a few years ago.  I had hoped he would write the book you are about to read!  With over 30 years of Civilian and Military experience Julian has a valued and unique lens to explore Managerial Leadership. Julian is a gifted listener, thinker, and communicator and has written The Managerial Leadership Journey with authenticity and sincerity.”

~ Stefan Kristjanson, Chair of the Board of Directors, Irish Life Assurance

Image by Daniel Halseth
What's Being Said

“Julian and I worked together as I transitioned to the more demanding CEO leadership role.  He guided me through an organization development exercise and leadership approach using his extensive knowledge of leadership theory and leveraging his real-life experiences.  A key message of Julian's that continues to resonate with me is his repeated emphasis on continuous learning being a critical element of leadership success; in particular, the notion that the lesson may not be obvious at first but with thoughtful reflection it will become clear.”

~Jenine Krause, Vice Chair, Enercare Inc.

What's Being Said

“Over the years as I have moved from being a sole contributor to being a senior executive, accountable for the outcome of hundreds of tasks that are performed each day, I have been exposed to various forms of leadership and management training. Until I had the opportunity to work with Julian Chapman and Forrest & Company nobody had ever managed to put the two together and to give me direction and practical help that would allow me to be able to achieve the goals that had been set whilst being able to have a great place to work and the reward of having had a positive impact on others.  I credit the concepts and ideas and the recognition that Managerial Leadership is a profession as having allowed me to grow and develop great people and to have had great fun in doing so. I hope this book and the guidance in it allows you to develop those skills in the same way that working with Julian has done for me.”

~Alexander (Sandy) Struthers, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, NAVCanada

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