To complement our reputation for thought leadership, we are offering a growing list of resources to our clients, friends and colleagues interested in leadership and organizational development.

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Forrest Articles and Overviews

"Accountability: Unleashing Potential through Clarity" by Julian Chapman

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In this detailed overview of accountability and the system of accountability, learn how clarifying the roles of managers and direct reports accelerates the achievement of strategy.

"Are We Doing the Right Work Right Now?" by Julian Chapman

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In today’s economic reality, unlocking the latent potential of your staff is essential. Failing to do so could waste 25% of your company’s salaries.

"Engagement: The Accountability of a Leader" by Julian Chapman

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Put away the engagement surveys and enhanced comp & ben plans. Good organizational structure and process is the foundation of employee engagement, and leadership is the multiplier.

"Let’s Talk About a Coaching Culture" by Julian Chapman

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The big reward for implementing a Coaching Culture is consistent strategy achievement. It all starts with a conversation between a manager and a direct report.

"What is Talent Management and Whose Job is it Really?" by Julian Chapman

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Talent Management systems are often overly HR-centric, ignoring or marginalizing the vital roles of an employee’s Manager and Manager-once-Removed (MoR).

"Accountability Drives Success" by Julian Chapman

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A condensed version of our article, "Accountability: Unleashing Potential through Clarity", appeared in the November 2011 HR Reporter. In it, Julian Chapman writes that holding managers accountable for direct reports keeps everyone focused and engaged as they drive toward strategic vision.

"Does Your Approach to Security Help or Hinder Your Business?" by Phillip Halton

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A new approach to security could generate savings as well as create a competitive advantage for your business. All that is required is a shift in perspective, and a focus on security risk management.

Effective Intelligence Wiki Submission

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Did you know that Forrest has submitted an Effective Intelligence Wikipedia entry approved by EI founder Jerry Rhodes. We're working with a wiki editor to massage it to wiki standards. In the meantime, please enjoy a whole lot of "Hard Red" and very little "Soft Red" on the theory and practice of Effective Intelligence: ie lots of info, not much packaging.

Forrest Webinars

"Who has the hammer?" Authority and Getting Work Done

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"Why is it so hard to get work done around here?" The biggest barrier to getting work done is a lack of clear authorities across teams and functions. Did you know that 70% of work in organizations is lateral not vertical? In other words, you and your team rely on peers and other functions for most of the inputs you need to make your outputs. BUT, in these lateral relations, who has the hammer and when do they get to use it? Who has authority over you, and over whom do you have authority?

Join Forrest's Julian Chapman, EVP, Consulting and Business Solutions as he drills down on the hammer:

  • What is authority, really?
  • What can you do if you don't have the hammer?
  • How can you clarify authority to reduce frustration and build trust?

Anaklesis & Change: A Deeper Dive

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The fear of upsetting the people and opinions upon which we rely to define and control our world – "anaklesis" – is an enormous source of resistance to change. Let's take the opportunity to dive deeper into the nature of this resistance, and what "cures" are available. Learn perspectives on the issue that you can deploy in your day-to-day deliveries and conversations.

NOTE: This webinar was originally delivered internally solely to Forrest staff. We found the content sufficiently compelling, though, to post it for public consumption. If you have already been introduced to anaklesis, whether or not you are in the Forrest family, you will definitely get new perspectives..

What to Do with the Top 5 Barriers to Innovation
"Clearing the road and stepping on the gas"

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"Innovation" is the watchword for organizations in our post-industrial economy. The importance of continuously meeting evolving customer need is matched only by the need to continuously improve the internal policies and procedures necessary to do so.Yet, inside organizations, the road from bright idea to marketplace remains a rocky one.

Over our quarter century, we have witnessed among our clients a myriad of barriers to successful innovation. But, 5 firmly occupy the top of the list - and they are all internal. What are those barriers? How are they overcome? And, what can you do to step on the gas?

Join Julian Chapman, Forrest's EVP, Consulting & Business Solutions as he takes you for a ride around your top 5 barriers to innovation.

"This isn't what I asked for!"
Getting better results through better task assignment

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"This isn't what I asked for!" How often have you heard that from your boss? How often have you said that to a direct report? Awkward...

Whether in the boardroom or on the frontline, lack of clarity in task assignment is painfully frustrating, not to mention a huge source of misspent organizational effort.

But, there is a better way. Join Tony Welsh, Forrest's EVP Consulting & Design, as he teaches you an easy-to-use, 7-step process to harness your intentions for the benefit of yourself, your team, your boss and your organization.

Effective task assignment is all about starting with the big picture, moving to the specifics and ending with a question. And that's exactly what we'll do in this entertaining and informative webinar.

Don't leave your staff guessing!

"A Meeting of the Minds"
How to make a great meeting

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"Did anything come out of that meeting?" How often have you heard that? How often have you said that?

Gathering with your colleagues has the potential to accelerate the team's work. But, without the means to focus and drive to your goal, meetings are often hijacked by differing perceptions.

So, how do you herd a tableful of cats to brainstorm, to share information or to make decisions?

Join Tony Welsh, EVP Consulting & Design, as he leads you through an extraordinarily effective and easy-to-use tool to prepare for and lead a great meeting. Your attendees will be better prepared, your meeting will stay on track and everyone will contribute more effectively.

Brace yourself for: "Wow! A lot came out of that meeting."

“Getting stuff done better and faster”

An Introduction to Effective Intelligence™

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The fact that you’re reading this indicates that you are being paid to think. But have you been trained to think? How many of us think skillfully?

It’s not about knowledge and intelligence. It’s about the mental mechanics of thinking through day-to-day tasks: the repeatable processes of consciously thinking through something.

How expert are you at, say, decision making, problem solving and planning? Do you re-invent the wheel each time you think these through, or do you have a tried and true, step-by-step process to get from your thinking to your goal?

That’s what Effective Intelligence is all about. Over 150,000 people, worldwide, use the Effective Intelligence model to be more productive every day.

Join Tony Welsh, Forrest’s EVP, Design and long-time Effective Intelligence facilitator, as he demonstrates the value of using your head.

"Get MoR for your money!"

Discover the untapped power of Managers of Managers

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"Managers-once-Removed" - "MoR’s, aka "managers of managers" - are organizational effectiveness resources hiding in plain sight.

If you're a manager of direct reports that manage people, or if you're an HR or OD professional, join organizational structure guru, Tony Welsh, as he shows how you can get the most from bosses of bosses.

Talent management, cross-functional resourcing and conflict resolution is just the beginning of what your MoRs can do to improve everyday and long-term performance.

"Let me show you!"

How to persuade colleagues that they need your help

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You have a wealth of technical expertise that you're ready, willing and able to use for the benefit of your organization and the people in it. Yet, you can't seem to convince your colleagues that your idea, plan or process matches their needs and wants. Sound familiar?

So, how can you persuade people that they need your help?

fore your next effort to convince someone, join Tony Welsh, Forrest's EVP, Design, as he teaches you a robust and easy-to-use, eight-step persuasion and influence process first developed by the Dutch tech giant, Philips.

Attendees will learn:

  • The 8 steps of persuasion and influence
  • The best way of using your thinking at each step
  • Powerful prompting questions to help you explore each step in your specific context

Forrest in the Press

“What the locals eat”

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews the “The World of Business is International - Are You Equipped to Succeed?” presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in September, 2015.

“Peter Drucker famously quipped that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. “Culture”, in his case, means “organizational” culture. Yet, Harlequin COO and world business traveller Stephen Miles’ presentation to SCN has us realizing that “local” culture has the same power.”

"OE, 1 employee at a time"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews the “Ordinary Magic: Using the Science of Resilience to Build Better Organizations” presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in August, 2015.

If organizations are the sum of their individuals; what if we drove organizational effectiveness through individual effectiveness? Could many small solutions to many individual problems overcome the inertia of complexity? Could these accumulate to create a sustainable critical mass of positive change that would result in organizational effectiveness from the other direction?

“Why the Great Divide?”

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews the “Academia Meets Corporate Canada” presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in November, 2014.

“Within academia, there is a great deal of research being done on corporate issues that could directly benefit the effectiveness of organizations. Yet, there appears to be no deliberate means to keep corporate Canada informed of what is being studied. How can we close, what Orchango executive Edmond Mellina refers to as, the ‘great divide?’.”

"The Other Half of Organizational Effectiveness"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews Marc and Samantha Hurwitz’s presentation of their new book, Leadership is Half the Story to the Strategic Capability Network in May, 2015.

Mark and Samantha Hurwitz point out what has been hiding in plain sight: there can be no leadership without followership. Further, they are challenging the leadership sacred cow: that somehow, being a leader and leading is “better than” being a follower or following.

"A refreshing CEO"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz presentation to the Strategic Capability Network in January, 2015.

“What is the role of the CEO in organizational effectiveness? Well, the CEO — the ultimate cross-over manager — is accountable for everything, That is an extraordinary expectation to rise to and only a select few have the skill, will and mental horsepower to do a decent job of it.”

"Effective, and not one dollar more"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews the ““What’s Equitable in Executive Pay?”” panel presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in November, 2014.

“Based on the rising disparity between increasing CEO pay and flat-lined pay for the middle ranks and below, it’s no wonder that things don’t feel right – to shareholders or to the rest of us.”

"Re-describe the Challenge, while Challenging Ourselves"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews the “Jobs without People, People without Jobs” panel presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in October, 2014.

“Jobs are vacant, yet, we live in a time of 7% unemployment. Clearly there is a pressing specialized demand seeking a missing specialized supply. Hence, the skills gap. What are we to do about that? And have we looked to ourselves as a source of the problem?”

"Being Positively Hierarchical"

by Michael Clark in Canadian HR Reporter

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Forrest’s Michael Clark reviews Dr. Michael Gardam’s presentation, “Positively Deviant”, at the Strategic Capability Network in August, 2014.

“Have we so lost sight that the point of work is to achieve organizational strategy and increase shareholder value (however defined) that we are prepared to tolerate the potential spread of superbugs in hospitals while we get everyone on board?”

Forrest Videos

"Creating a Coaching Culture"

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Prior to delivering his presentation "Coaching as the Common Language: Closing the Performance Gap in the Four-generation Workplace" at the 2013 HRPA Conference, Forrest VP Julian Chapman is interviewed by Canadian HR Reporter on the meaning and importance of coaching as part of organizational strategy and culture, and generational transitions.

Forrest Information

Forrest Product Offering

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Looking for the cure to organizational pain? Discover the wide-ranging solutions that Forrest offers, and how we apply them.

The Core Leadership Practices: What does it truly mean to be a Manager, and how can we get that here?

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Learn about the benefits and role of CLP, the most comprehensive leadership framework available, encompassing all behaviours for effective managerial leadership in any organization, in any sector, at any time.

Forrest Accountability Consulting

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We facilitate strategic thinking to clarify, develop, plan and implement your strategy. We then provide clarity on organizational levels and roles and how best to populate them.

Forrest Core Leadership Practices

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The Core Leadership Practices (CLP™), the most comprehensive leadership framework available, is the means by which organizations leverage organization-wide managerial leadership to achieve strategy.

Forrest Effectiveness Coaching

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For over 20 years, Forrest has used its proven executive coaching model with over a thousand executives, coaching them to solve complex issues, leverage strengths and overcome barriers.

Forrest Effectiveness Facilitation

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Break through the barriers to getting work done. Use expert facilitation to harness the power of a group to explore options, resolve issues and get results.

Forrest Effective Intelligence

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Gain valuable insights into yourself and your team and make better decisions faster through the use of a proven thinking model.

Forrest's Effective Thinking Suite

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Improve performance by mastering the skills of universal and tactical processes used by everyone, everyday. Our growing suite of programs immediately enables participants to make their thinking conscious, deliberate and more effective.

Leadership & Character: An Introduction to Forrest

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Take a look at who we are and what we do. An introduction to the Forrest way.

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