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To complement our reputation for thought leadership, we offer a growing list of complimentary resources to our clients, friends and colleagues interested in managerial leadership and organizational development.


Do you feel disconnected from your people? Are you in too many meetings and feel overwhelmed with emails and requests for clarification from your Direct Reports? This lack of clarity, accountability, and authority can impact your business in so many ways and the way you work might help you realize the strategy, or get in the way of it. Do you even know what the strategy really is, and how to get there? All of this confusion and discord can be traced to a lack of managerial leadership. The art of managing managers has been lost to the need to be seen "being busy". This is made doubly difficult with newly remote workforces and dispersed teams.


Based on experiences from working with many large and small companies, and a 30-year career as a senior military officer, Julian Chapman demonstrates the power of managerial leadership to address and cure the root causes of the pain we feel in organizations and create great places to work. Under Julian's leadership and counsel, companies of all sizes and across many sectors have done the work to bring clarity of purpose, expectation and accountability to their people, and unleashed the potential of their organizations.


This pragmatic approach pulls no punches and shows you the ongoing path to a workplace where employees at all levels have clarity of role, purpose, accountabilities and authorities. The self-assessments and tools inside will help you sort out the work ahead of you. It will show you the value of thinking before acting, proper planning, working at the right level and holding people accountable. It introduces the power of the Enlightened Leader and the Engaged Manager who confidently and continuously build their teams with an approach of authenticity, transformation and servitude.

Chart your course and explore the system. The path is proven, spans entire careers, and is, maybe, the last business book you'll ever read. The Managerial Leadership Journey shows you the map to a better workplace. A Great Place to work is not just possible, it's in your hands.

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Forrest Podcasts

What's Being Said

“Julian was energetic, engaging and he openly shared and went deep on keys to success for leaders today.

I would love to interview him again.”

- Leading From the Middle


“Julian was an incredibly knowledgeable and insightful guest. Highly recommend him for your show!”

- Catalytic Leadership


“Julian was a highly informative and engaging guest.  We will also be reviewing his new book

on another episode because we found it so insightful!”

- The Introspective Leader Podcast

 “Julian is a wonderful human and professional with keen insights into living.”

- Famous Interviews and Neon Jazz

“Excellent Guest. Loved the dialogue. High value content.​"

- Leadership Powered by Common Sense

“Julian was an awesome guest with a fantastic in-depth knowledge, we had a awesome chat."

- Ordinary People’s Extraordinary Stories

Forrest Articles & Overviews

Managing the Maelstrom

During the very uncertain days of March 2020, Forrest & Company President Julian Chapman emailed a select group of clients to remind them of the importance of visible and clear leadership in times of tension and confusion. That email grew into a weekly missive to a growing number of leaders worldwide, expanding into exploring trends in organizations and providing timely reflections and observations on both business affairs and current events. These bite-sized insights have proven helpful and interesting to many organizational leaders over the intervening years. 


Now in its fourth year, Managing the Maelstrom addresses these trends, observations, and principles every Friday via

Forrest & Company's LinkedIn Page; earlier entries are available for download below.

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